Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Certified Nursing Assistant Training: A Quick Overview

Embracing the role of a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, offers a vast accessibility of job opportunities, career growth, and a relatively easy to enter type of profession. The certified nursing assistant training will only take 6 to 12 weeks in duration, making it an excellent career choice for anyone, and everyone looking for a perfect stepping stone to other challenging and more advanced health careers.

Certified Nursing Assistant HQ is out to help you. We’re here to provide the best guides and information about how to become a certified nursing assistant, and other important things you need to know as you start your career as a certified nursing assistant, or nursing aide.

How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

First off, you’ve to really know if being a nursing assistant is the right fit for you. And if it is, then, congratulations! You’re now ready to take the next step, which is to get proper certified nursing assistant training, licensure and certification.

You can enroll at vocational or tech schools, a nursing assistant college near you, or take an accredited online nursing assistant course. Opt for whichever is the best choice and more convenient for you.

Now, certified nursing assistant training will generally involve basic instruction in nursing skills, physiology and anatomy, patient-care programs, as well as nutrition and infection control. More importantly, you’ll be able to gain hands-on experience of various clinical activities, such as:

  • Taking vital signs that include pulse rate, temperature, and blood pressure
  • Proper feeding techniques for each different patient condition
  • Basic hygiene skills
  • Proper mobility techniques and body mechanics to prevent injury
  • Patient documentation and reporting
  • Administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support
  • Ways of assisting patients with daily recovery activities
  • And ways to ensure safety of their patients, among many others.

CNA Certification Test Information

When you’ve completed the required CNA training course, you’ll be eligible to take the State Board CNA Certification Test. The CNAexam is divided into two parts: a written test and a skills test. The first part is a multiple choice type of exam, while the second is to test your hands-on skills.

Requirements for CNA Jobs

Requirements to kickstart your CNA career differ from State to State, and by employer. Mostly, certified nursing assistants are required to have a minimum of 75 hours of CNA certification training. Some employers don’t even ask for a certification as long as the applicant has completed the training,or CNA program. In either case, you should at least have the CPR, or lifesaving certification.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that certified nursing assistants earn an average of $10 to $12 per hour. The salary can go up as high as $15 per hour, as a nursing assistant gains more skills and experience.

When you’re ready to take the plunge toward becoming a certified nursing assistant, make sure to learn about your training options. Explore your best alternatives and choose your path wise, towards a rewarding career.

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