What foods will you be eating for your super bowl party?

What foods will you be eating for your super bowl party?

What foods will you be eating for your super bowl party?

I will be making myself a healthy turkey burger what about you?

Also avoid sugary drinks & beers drink a nice cold glass of water.

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I''m planning on having a Super Bowl party, what type of food should I fix?

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Chips, soda, fruit, any sandwich, water, and chicken tenders

KFC Grilled Spicy Wings. . OMG there good. . and Heinekens . . Chips and Dip. . . hmm. . I feel like there should be more. .

Pizza and wings and soda . . We will have a lot of differant stuff on the table though as we are throwing a superbowl party . . Go Colts

I am making a healthy pot of ground turkey chili for everyone. This site has some fabulous recipeshttp://www. chili-everyway. com/turkey-chili-recipes. html

No one will even realize how healthy, low fat and low calorie chili really is. My turkey chili always gets rave reviews

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